My workflow for this blog

This past weekend, I (once again) turned this site back to be my personal blog. I’ve been writing a number of blog posts over at, which was an experiment with Jekyll from the beginning. But now I will try to become more serious with the blogging and have therefore moved it back here.
Now I’m going to tell you about how I made this blog. Consider this post to be a follow up to my previous posts about workflows with a real world example.

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Replace MAMP with Vagrant today

Durning the last couple of months I’ve played around quite a bit with Vagrant. I’m sure that you’ve heard about Vagrant and understood that it’s some new, cool thing that everybody should use.
You may also have read that MAMP is bad and Vagrant is good, and now you’ve came across a little guide on how to replace MAMP with Vagrant.
I’ll be using the excellent Vaprobash script to the Vagrant server up and running.

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