If I suck, please let me suck

The NHL series from EA Sports is my favorite game since many years. But there’s this one “feature” that I wish they would remove from it. The algoritm (or whatever it is) that sometimes decides that you should not, under any circumstances, win a game.

I consider myself to be a decent NHL16 player. I’m not a pro gamer that pwnes my opponents online, but as a casual player that enjoys a game or two after work, I’m decent.


I usually wins two of three games or something like that. My wins is give or take twice as many as my (full time) loses.
I win some and I lose some, that’s a part of the game and what’s making it fun.

“Hey, it’s been a while since your last loosing streak now!”

But every once in awhile, I really hate the game. You see, sometimes the game just don’t want you to win. It says: “Hey, it’s been a while since your last loosing streak now!”
So it begins. You lose a couple of games, but doesn’t think to much about it. Nothing strange about that.
But then you lose a third and a fourth game in a row. Things starts to feel a bit weird. Your players is having a hard time scoring goals. Your goalie lets in three or five goals. Things just isn’t working for you.
You can have bad luck in some games, but this is something much worse. When you lose another game, and another, and another, you know that you’re on a programmed losing streak. It has been decided that you should lose 10-15 games in a row.


Your players has become stupid. One player can’t pass to another player. Your goalie will always let one puck pass him on your opponents first attack. On five shots, three will go in.
You can win the shots with 29-11 and still lose with 1-5.
If you’re trying to take a shot from the blue line, the players stick will break.
If you’re leading with 1-0 entering the final minute, the opponent will score twice within seconds.
If you score a goal, the referee will say that the puck was kicked in.
If you’re good at defense, your players will somehow manage to put the puck in his own net.

When you’re programmed to lose, you’ll never get surprised about in how many ways the game can make you lose.

You’ll start to believe that you suck on the game and consider never playing it again.
But all of the sudden, you finally win. And you win another game, and another. Then there’s business as usual. You win some and you lose some. That’s how it should be. No programmed winning/losing streaks. Of course there’s those games when I feel programmed to win, but those victories isn’t that fun.

So please EA Sports, remove these programmed losing streaks. If I’m good at the game, let me be good. If I suck at the game, please let me suck. You don’t have to decide.