Stefan Ledin

The WordPress Performance Challenge, part 3: .htaccess magic

This is the third part of this series of blog posts where I’ll try to make this site as fast as possible.
Today I’ll show you what the .htaccess file can do when it comes to improving the performance.

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about three best practices that I applied to the site. One fourth thing that I always do when building a new site is adding a bit of code to .htaccess.


Quite a bit of code actually. It’s the HTML Boilerplate htaccess which contains a lot of good things. I don’t understand much of it to be honest, but that’s not necessary. Just copy and paste the thing into your .htaccess and watch the magic!

PageSpeed Insights


First view:

Repeat view:

Great! The speed index is below 2000 on the first load now.
That’s it for this time. To be continued.