I ran into this problem this morning where I couldn’t connect to my virtual machines MySQL with Sequel Pro. The error message was “WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED” and so began the Googeling.
I found the solution over at the Laracasts forum. It was quite easy actually. The only thing I had to do was to rename (or just delete) the known_hosts file at ~/.ssh.

$ cd ~/.ssh
$ mv known_hosts old_known_hosts
$ # or...
$ rm known_hosts

Apple Watch unboxing and first thoughts

Apple Watch

I received my 38mm Apple Watch Sport with a white band yesterday. I can’t write any kind of review yet, but I can at least tease you with some unboxing images and first impressions.

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Seven days with the retina Macbook

Today is it one week since my 2015 Macbook retina in gold arrived. It’s a computer that I didn’t needed and one that is both expensive and bad according to reviews. But as a true Apple Fanboyâ„¢, I wanted it and I bought it anyway. Here’s a little review after seven happy days together.


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Retina in RWP 1.7

Responsive images: plug and play.
That’s my newest slogan for Responsify WP which got updated to version 1.7 the other day. It’s a really good update which contains multiple great new features. The biggest and most requested one was the support for high resolution, or retina, images.

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